Sally's story - 4 months after Orbera balloon insertion

I am doing brilliantly!!!
The Orbera Balloon procedure has changed my life. I have lost so far 22kg and still have 2 months to go and secretly hope I can get to 30kg.

I have tried many diets in the past but, despite being a very strong person in many other ways, I am not very strong at putting my health and wellbeing being as my top priority. I have a job that I love but it involves a lot of international travel. This means I have an inconsistent lifestyle with irregular eating patterns. I also can’t get into a routine of exercise.

In November last year, after I failed yet again on diet number 27, I had had enough! I was fed up with not putting my health as number 1.

I had looked at the weight loss surgery options before but I was put off by all the processes the health insurance and the NHS would put me through. After researching the various options on the Internet I felt that the gastric balloon was the most appealing to me; it was non-surgical with a faster recovery time and it was also something I could fund myself, without insurance.

I knew I was overweight but, after the first consultation, it became clear how big the problem really was. It seemed that not even the gastric balloon was going to get me where I need to be. However, the advised surgery (a sleeve gastrectomy) was a big decision. With my work it was going to be difficult to plan being absent for more than a couple of weeks. It just wasn’t something I could commit to at that moment but I had to do something.

Professor Humadi told me that the gastric balloon was still an option to get started at least. I could focus on losing 20-30% of my excess weight and I could opt for permanent surgery later on. I am so glad I have done it! I have already achieved more than 50% of the weight I need to lose! I feel 20 years younger; I feel happier, more relaxed and food is not my best friend in the whole world anymore.

I now enjoy all beautiful food but in small quantities. I would recommend this to anyone with the same issues as me. The best part is when you put on your old clothes and wonder how many other people you could fit in to that same dress!  Socially I have so much more confidence that I always walk around with the biggest smile on my face.