Patient’s Quotes

Thank you to everyone who has contributed a quote to our list below. We are very grateful for all the positive feedback we have had. Keep them coming!

“After years of putting everyone in my family before myself I finally decided to do something for ME. I wish I had done it years ago!”

(Holly – Bracknell – 5 months after a gastric bypass)

“I’ve done so much better at work since I lost so much weight. Colleagues seem to take me more seriously and I have more energy.”

(Phil – Reading – 9 months after gastric sleeve)

“My self-esteem was at rock-bottom and it was affecting everyone around me. I’m happier and healthier now and have a permanent grin on my face”.

(Jasmine – West Byfleet – 6 months after Orbera balloon insertion)

I’ve had to learn to work with my LapBand but my whole family have benefited. We are all eating better. I feel I am being a good role model for my kids”.

(Zoe – Weybridge – 12 months after gastric band insertion)

“The team were great. I never felt as if I was doing this alone. I always knew that I could call and someone would get back to me”.

(Sam D – Weybridge – 8 months after Orbera balloon insertion)

“I liked the fact that I paid a fixed package price and I could go back to see the team whenever I felt it was necessary”.

(Caroline – Chertsey – 16 months after a gastric sleeve)

“Look at my wedding photos! I’m so glad I’m not in the tent I thought I would be in! ”

(Amandeep – London – 18 months after  a gastric sleeve)

“I love seeing people I haven’t seen for ages. They can’t believe it! I have lost more than half my body weight. I had to have an apronectomy after a few years but no one can tell”.

(Linda – Marlow – 4 years after a gastric sleeve)

“I got to the stage where I wouldn’t go on a plane. I’ve just come back from Turkey and I wore a swimsuit for the first time in years”.

(Alison – Slough – 21 months after a gastric bypass)

“I found it reassuring that  would always get a reply by email or phone even when I didn’t have time to see the dietician in clinic”.

(Alan – Farnham – 10 months after a gastric bypass)

“I went abroad to get a gastric band but I didn’t get any advice before it was inserted or any help afterwards. After a year it had slipped and was uncomfortable so it had to be removed. I had the sleeve done at the same time to save time and money. If I had been advised properly I would have had the sleeve in the first place!”

(Bridget – London – 6 months after band removal and sleeve gastrectomy)

“At over 70 I thought I was too old for weight loss surgery. Although I I have been slower to recover than younger people I am already much more mobile and I am starting to get my independence back”.

(Brian – Virginia Water – 4 months after a gastric sleeve) 

“People thought I was confident because I was fat and jolly. Now I am smaller and actually jolly”.

(Helen – Maidenhead – 14 months after a gastric bypass)

“My wife had surgery with Professor Humadi and she looks great so I decided to go for it too. I needed to be able to keep up with her as she has so much energy”.

(Ravi – Slough – 4 months after a gastric bypass)

“My weight went down in stages. You must tell people not to worry when weight loss stops for a while. I kept to the plan and it started to come off again. Some people lose weight slow and steady; mine came off in steps. Everyone is different”.

(Jane  C – Gerrards Cross – 16 months after sleeve gastrectomy)

“I think my taste buds have changed. I don’t even get tempted by the desserts on the menu!”

(Rashida – Iver – 4 months after a gastric bypass)

Although we cannot add every quote here we are happy to hear from you all. We are grateful for the positive comments and also welcome any negative ones in a spirit of trying to improve our service for all our patients.