The Weight Loss Process

If you are keen to lose weight read through the steps of the weight loss process below:

Starting the weight loss process

  • If you are considering a surgical weight loss procedure the first step is to have an initial consultation with the consultant surgeon. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire to bring along to this consultation. Here you will discuss in full the weight loss options available to you. The aim is to find a way to proceed with your weight loss that is best suited to you as an individual given your preferences, your expectations, your current eating patterns and any medical conditions you may have.
  • After this consultation you may need time to ask for further information before deciding to proceed. You may also want to attend one of our support groups to meet other patients who have had surgery.

The next steps to weight loss

  • If you decide to continue with the process, and the consultant deems that it is in your best interests to do so, you will be asked to have a consultation with the specialist bariatric nurse and with one of our specialist bariatric dieticians. (Although it is preferable to have a face-to-face consultation in order to meet the dietician who will be supporting you post-surgery this consultation can, if necessary, take place by telephone).
  • The dietician will discuss the pre-surgery “liver-shrinkage” diet, the expectations of the surgery, your current eating patterns, the recovery process, the supplements required after surgery (for bypass patients only) and the changes in behaviour required after weight loss surgery.
  • Once a surgery date has been agreed you will undergo a 2-week “liver-shrinkage” diet immediately prior to this date.
  • You will be asked to attend a pre-assessment with our specialist nurse the week before the surgery. At this pre-assessment you will be able to ask any questions and familiarise yourself with the hospital.
  • All 3 hospitals offer the weight loss procedure options as Fixed Price Packages which cover your pre-assessment, your hospital stay and your follow ups with the consultant surgeon, the specialist dietician and the specialist nurse for 12 months after the surgery. For band patients this includes the necessary clinical band adjustments (usually 4 in the first year) and for bypass patients this includes the blood test in the first year.
  • The hospitals require payment in full prior to the surgery date. The Spire Thames Valley Hospital has an arrangement with First Medical Loans who offer finance options on an individual basis (contact details on request). The BMI hospitals have their own credit facility (please contact the accounts department of the relevant BMI hospital directly)

The day of the weight loss surgery:

On the day of surgery you will be asked to arrive at the hospital 2 hours prior to the theatre start time. This will give you time to settle in and to meet the consultant and the anaesthetist before going down to surgery.

  • We will provide you with a complete aftercare package to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals and sustain the long-term changes in attitude to healthy eating which will significantly improve your general health.