Jasmine's story - 12 months after gastric band insertion

I knew I wanted a gastric band and I researched hospitals and surgeons online. I wanted something fairly close to me as I knew you had to go back for adjustments. I also thought it was better than risking being far away in case there were problems.

I spoke to Melanie in the office and had an appointment within a week. My whole experience with Spire Thames Valley was a very smooth, professional one. I received excellent support from Professor Humadi and the dietician and Melanie was always on the other end of the phone or emails whenever I needed her.

I felt much better after the band was inserted than I expected. I couldn’t believe that it was so straightforward. I have lost 9 stone which I know is much more than expected with a band. I took all the advice given to me and was determined to make it work for me.

One year later I feel like a new person. I’m really proud of myself that I took the decision to turn my life around and to be healthy and to look so much better. My life has changed so much I don’t recognise myself sometimes! I’m more confident, I can wear clothes I never would have even considered before and I’m not frightened about weighing myself. I can shop in any shop I want. I can wear high heels without my feet aching and I can enjoy my social life without worrying about what I am putting in my mouth.

I would advise anyone considering weight loss surgery to think about the end result. It’s changed my whole life; I’m a happier, healthier person and people around me can feel the difference. I would recommend Professor Humadi’s team in a heartbeat – they made my journey a really smooth and pleasant on