Mrs Holly Coviello – 10 weeks post sleeve gastrectomy

The reason I went for surgery was that I'd been battling with my weight since my early 20's.

I’d been on most of the popular diets including the Cambridge Diet. To me they are all just a quick fix. You lose weight then put it all back on again and more. I was depressed with feeling conscious of how I looked and definitely fell into the category of feeling pressured to be slimmer and healthier.

I had a close friend who lost lots and lots of weight and looked amazing as I was still piling it on. She admitted to me one day that she had had a gastric bypass at the BMI hospital. I looked at the website and saw the different surgeries available. I liked the look of the sleeve gastrectomy because your stomach still works as it should but on a much smaller scale which means I would still absorb nutrients. That’s when I decided I would go for it. I spoke to my husband who wasn’t keen but was still supportive. I had my surgery in February 2015 this year and have already lost 2 and a half stone! I’ve lost over 38% of the weight I am targeted to lose. I already feel much better and can do things I haven’t been able to do for ages such as run up the stairs, tie my shoe laces and pick things up from the floor. All things I was really struggling with.

I admit the first 2-3 weeks were hard. I’m not hungry anymore…. I feel empty and know I need something. I probably could be eating better but still struggle to put me first as I have 3 young children to run around after.

Now it’s almost 3 months since surgery and things are easier…. I struggle with slowing my eating down as I am so busy and it’s a habit to rush. The only food I struggle with is potato as it gets stuck and can make me vomit. I can still get very tired and I am feeling cold quite a bit. These are definitely worth putting up with when compared to the benefits of spirit and mood enhancement that the weight loss gives you. I have no regrets at all.