Mrs Farah Alsawaf – 14 months after a sleeve gastrectomy

My weight was escalating very quickly over the years since the birth of my third child who is now 8 years old.

I live abroad but one of my best friends is a doctor in the UK, Dr Zara Hasafa. Just before Christmas of 2013 I exchanged photos with Zara as I haven’t seen her in person for a few years. When she saw my photos she was completely honest and told me that bariatric surgery was necessary for me. She recommended Professor Humadi as she had seen his work and knew of his reputation. It was such a great choice! I would not have thought I could have got such good results from my sleeve gastrectomy.

Professor Humadi is an experienced and skilful weight loss surgeon. I didn’t have any side effects and had no complications. I returned home earlier than expected and have had follow ups by phone and by email. I returned to the hospital for my extensive blood tests (which are included in the package price) after 7 months and the team made sure that I had all the follow ups I required while I was in the UK.

I lost 63kg in one year. I dropped from size 24 to size 10. I gained confidence in my body and it was good to feel feminine again. I feel so much happier than I was and I certainly enjoy life to the full.