Miss Karen Aston – 3 months post sleeve gastrectomy

I have been managing my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 23 years. I have spent the last 20 years trying to maintain my weight with diets but have never been able to sustain the results.

I knew that, because of my lifestyle, I was continually gaining weight and this was not helping my MS. My GP was always there to help me but, together, we agreed that I needed some extra support.

I then arranged an appointment online to see the bariatric surgeon in my local town. Professor Humadi and I discussed my particular challenges and together we made the best plan to help me move forward. Wow, this was the best decision I have ever made!

After my sleeve gastrectomy, I followed all the advice I was given by the members of the team. This support started right from the beginning, even before I had the first consultation in clinic. I was helped with a fabulous book that was a really clear guide to everything. My GP even used the guide and together we planned my medication needs and any future appointments I would need.

Professor Humadi, his secretary, the Nurses, the Dietician, the Physio at the hospital and all the other hospital staff were amazing. I felt so supported. This really helped me as I live alone and it was great to be able to get their advice, if I needed it, after discharge from hospital.

After only 3 months, I have reached my ideal BMI weight, sorted out a balanced healthy eating plan that I can manage easily and anywhere. My MS feels so much better. Now I can look in the mirror and feel so much healthier and happier. I’m not constantly worrying about putting on extra weight and putting more pressure on my MS.

I feel so much happier today as a result of the great work of my surgeon and his team. Also as a person with MS, I feel this operation has really helped my physical strength and even improved my balance.

In conclusion if you are facing ongoing difficulties with your weight, diet and lifestyle why not think about other options like I did? It can totally transform your life forever.